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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas photos

Our Christmas is full of traditions.
  • Christmas Eve dinner at our house with Big Daddy's (my grandfather, who I was named after) Spaghetti --- check
  • Open stockings at our house -- check
  • Open stockings and presents at Mom's -- check
  • Christmas dinner at Mom's -- check

Mommy and Brinson....awww what a special moment.

Brinson deep in thought with Grampa watching...

Great Aunt Barbara with Brinson

Brinson and I opening her first stocking gift. It is all about the paper this year.....Right to the mouth.

3 generations at Christmas 2008

I love my thumb, but I love my Meme more!!!

That's me with the Video camera capturing Abuelo with Brinson.

Nana and Brinson


The Baldwin Family said...

Simply beautiful. We're so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas.

The Baldwins

Anonymous said...

Hi Houstonians....
Couldn't have had a better Christmas... I am missing all of you already.

Love you all..
Aunt B