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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Any advice?

When we first started feeding Brinson the bottle, she was really gung-ho. She was drinking anywhere from 20-70cc in each feeding. Then we started rice cereal which progressed to oatmeal once daily. She now has no interest in her bottle, or pacifier for that matter. She does suck her thumb often so we know she's capable. We have a great OT working with us and are really struggling to get Brinson to eat. She's gaining weight so that's no problem (she was 12lbs 12.5 oz tonite!), we just feel like we are going backwards. The OT recommended that we stop all cereal for a few days and just try bottle to see if she'll do better. We are feeding her every 3 1/2 hours per the GI doc (she gets 71-74cc each feed). She seems to be tolerating it and is having very little residuals. If we push the food in the NGT too fast she does reflux. Ned and I just wondered if anyone might have some "tricks up their sleeve" that we can use to get her to take her bottle.

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Zachary's Mommy said...

Zachary too has this trouble. He eats better in different positions. Right now he eats better when we rest him against us, but not holding him. Last week he ate better when we laid him on a wedge pillow and weren't touching him at all. These little ones sure know how to show us that they are in control! Lots of luck and prayers are going out to you guys!

Love ya!