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Monday, November 10, 2008

2 fevers, Daddy is stepping up

Saturday night, we went to Nana's for dinner. Nana was a bit tired, well it turns out she is sick.
Yesterday morning Nana had a 101 fever.

Aunt Pat (Great Aunt Pat to Brinson) is visiting for the next 2 weeks came over to dinner at the Zaldivar household with Grampa, Abuelo, Grandma, Uncle Mike and Aunt KD. We had a nice time visiting.

But last night, after everyone left, Mommy felt ill with a sore throat and "ding!".... has a Daddy has stepped up. Mommy is quarantined from Brinson until her illness is under control.

Brinson cannot afford to get sick.....even though she is larger she is still not a full size person and her lungs even though require no O2 are not like yours and mine.. Also this is RSV season until March and she has not finished her flu shot (broken up in to 2 over 1 month) and her preventative RSV shot (5 $1500 shots, 1 every month).

BTW Uncle Mike and Aunt KD were at the Caymans last week and thank goodness Hurricane Paloma gave them no issues besides some bad weather.


Mommy said...

Poor Daddy....He's working on hardly no sleep but was able to take care of Brinson last night. He is my rock. I cannot believe I am sick again. ALso our OT canceled today because her child is ill. Thank God I got Brinson scheduled for her 1st Synergis injection in the morning. TOmorrow will be a busy day. She also gets the other 1/2 of her flu shot. I told Daddy I owe him, I just need to get over this crud.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are ill.. and Kit too... Gotta get those other grandmas working overtime!! I wish I lived closer so I could take a turn too....

I've had my flu shot and won't let any bug come near me!!
Aunt b

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa
Sorry to hear that you and Nana both are having fevers, I know it's going around. When do you think I will be able to come and visit?
I got a lot to fill you in on. I'm now working at Cy Fair in PACU and loving it! No weekends or holidays unless I'm on call.
Keep in touch

Julie Paulson

The Baldwin Family said...

We hope that Nana and Mommy feel better soon! Good luck to sweet Brinson on her remaining shots!

Love you guys!