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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friends of Brinson

When Meme and Mommy arrived yesterday.....Brinson was being held by Auntie Tiffani, not because she was fussy, just because she wanted some cuddle time with Brinson. Now that is amazing care. Thanks Tiffani.

Several other people stopped by yesterday to see Brinson because we are inside 1 week before going home so everyone is getting there hellos and goodbyes in. And I think they so rarely get to know a baby as great as Brinson. :>

Here is Jessica (she has been one of Brinson's Nurse practitioners). Thanks for taking such great care of our miracle.

Here is Dr. Hernandez (she has been one of Brinson's Doctors). BTW she was the doctor that "doomed us" (ie told us about all the scary stuff of dealing with a preemie). Grammy and Grandfather just happened to be visiting us in Labor/Delivery when Dr. Hernandez came by. I wish I could say it prepared us, but really nothing does.

Here is Meme loving on her grand-daughter.

The Brinson!!! The one and only!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the medical team... doctors, nurses, and everyone else that made Ms. Brinson a REALITY!! We love you all... as we love Brinson.

Thank you, thank you,
a greatful Great Aunt...
Aunt B

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't want some cuddle time with sweet little Brinson!

Keep the good news coming!!!

much love and continued prayers,TBFC-kristi